Who doesn’t love Hollywood? Hollywood was the theme for this year’s NAIOP Summer Social Golf Tournament located at the beautiful Newcastle Golf and Country Club in Newcastle, Washington. We sponsored Hole 10 of Coal Creek overlooking the amazing skylines of Seattle and Bellevue.

While brainstorming on booth entertainment for this theme we discussed everything from The Great Gatsby, various Directors, popular TV shows such as ER or Dynasty, or even famous movies. We landed on movies in the 80’s celebrating our firms beginning in 1982. Our booth entertainment was to play movie trivia from the 80’s. You were a winner every time you played but some questions had very special prizes… Here are a few of the popular trivia questions, can you guess them correctly?

  1. Elliott was originally supposed to lure E.T. into the house with M&Ms, but Mars turned down the request to use their candy. What candy was used instead?
  2. In Goonies what brand of candy bar did Chunk try to give to Sloth?
  3. In the 1983 movie, “National Lampoons Vacation” where were the Griswolds headed on their cross country trip?
  4. What fraternity do the Lewis and Gilbert join in Revenge of the Nerds?
  5. What was the license plate number on the Ghostbusters car?
  6. What was the name of Judge Smales grandson in the movie Caddyshack?

Krazan looks forward to sponsoring again next year – see you in 2018!