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Krazan provides analysis of soil, rock, and groundwater in relation to Site Development. Our Services include geotechnical engineering investigations and geologic hazard evaluations that evaluate the development in terms of potential landslides, damage associated with earthquakes, fault movement, ground settlement, cracking, and sliding related to earthquake shaking, erosion, sedimentation, and floods to determine site suitability and to provide specific practical design recommendations.

Krazan currently owns and operates its own fleet of drilling equipment capable of performing geotechnical drilling, sampling, and in-situ testing (CPT, field vane, pressuremeter testing). Our high torque hollow stem auger rigs are equipped with an L-8 moyno pump and can drill to a depth of 200 feet or more.

  • Site Characterization, Field Exploration, In-situ Subsurface Investigation
  • Excavation, Foundation, and Retaining Structures Design
  • Recommendations associated with Roadway subgrade and Pavement Design
  • Subsurface soil and rock Investigation
  • Temporary Shoring/Bracing System Design, Permanent Shoring Design
  • Soldier Pile Walls (Cantilevered and Tieback walls)
  • Soil Nailing
  • Sheet Piles
  • MSE Structures and Gabion Walls
  • Slope Hazard Identification, Slope Stability Analysis, and Slope Stabilization Recommendations
  • Settlement and Subsidence Analysis
  • Shallow Foundations and Rigid Mats
  • Bridge Foundations and Deep Foundations (piles and piers)
  • Deep, Dynamic Ground Improvement, Surcharge, and Grouting
  • Expansive/Collapsing Soils
  • Underpinning and Special Foundations
  • Recommendations for Construction Dewatering and Drainage
  • Compaction Monitoring and Testing
  • Marine and Coastal Engineering
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Liquefaction and Lateral Spread Analysis
  • Soil Infiltration (Percolation) Testing