NAIOP Summer Social was located at the beautiful Newcastle Golf and Country Club in Newcastle, Washington. This year’s theme was College Pride and there is nothing better than celebrating our very own “Krazan University”! We had a few games to play and dared a few dares – in the spirit of old fashion college parties of course! As you can imagine this theme could really bring out the true competitive spirit in anyone. We really thought the UW / WSU “love” would have been strongly represented but to our surprise it was not any specific college but….beer pong! Beer pong, in various degrees, was a game played at many holes. Luckily our beer pong took it to a new level – Truth or Dare Pong! You read that correctly, Truth or Dare! We saw someone dance to no music, use toilet paper to make a ‘diaper’, and the winner of Chubby Bunny crammed seven marshmallows in his mouth! All in all, it was another successful golf tournament where connections were rekindled and new connections made. Until next year…chug on!