Getting The Job Done Right.

Krazan has been getting the job done right since 1982.

We are a Site Development Engineering Firm made up of a team of enthusiastic, energetic, and imaginative individuals with a shared philosophy of professional service. Our goal is to be a part of the solution, not the hinderance for your project.

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After design, follow up is important. During construction our experienced team of registered engineers, material scientists, project managers, qualified inspectors will help to ensure the project will be constructed properly.
Investigation of Environmental issues is integral to effective risk management on commercial property transactions and as a component of prudent business management practice. Krazan’s professional experience and qualifications deliver timely and practical solutions with an efficient coordinated strategy.
Krazan is proud to be a leader in the use of non-destructive techniques for forensic investigation condition assessments. We are confident that we can offer rapid state-of-the-art capabilities that allow for thorough evaluations of bridges and structures repair.
Krazan provides analysis of soil, rock, and groundwater in relation to Site Development. Our Services include geotechnical engineering investigations and geologic hazard evaluations that evaluate the development in terms of potential landslides, damage associated with earthquakes, fault movement, ground settlement, cracking, and sliding related to earthquake shaking, erosion, sedimentation, and floods to determine site suitability and to provide specific practical design recommendations.
Krazan & Associates, Inc. has over 29 years of pavement design, analysis, and quality control management with the Federal Highway Administration, Caltrans, Washington DOT, US Army Corps of Engineers, Airports and all sizes of commercial properties.


Krazan works on a variety of projects in several areas of engineering.

Whether you need help with geotechnical, environmental, forensic, or any of our other several specialties, you can rest easy knowing Krazan will get the job done right.

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